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the lemonade group is a creative agency based in colombo, sri lanka. we offer a wide array of creative services including brand consulting, brand development, art direction, design and product development.  we work with a team of skilled brand consultants, product developers, graphic artists, written and visual content creators, social media managers, luxury connoisseurs, model agencies, location scouts and photographers ensuring our ability to offer full service creative consultancy to brands wishing to enhance their presence in the modern market place. 

the lemonade group is also are the parent company to our own portfolio of creative brands active within interior design, wedding organisation and web design. 

for more information or to enquire on how the lemonade group can assist your brand, please be in touch.

the lemonade philosophy

life is too short to be unhappy, which is why the lemonade group is a portfolio of creative brands based in sri lanka that share an underlying business philosophy of happiness. firstly, whatever we do must improve upon something and bring joy. be that aesthetics, our customers' cheer, a good nights sleep, our employees' lives, our passions or contributing to a gentler society. secondly, we want those who work with us to have the chance to earn a living doing a job that makes them happy in a company that cares for them and of which they can be proud. thirdly, we want to show that kind and honest businesses are the future and lead by example. we believe that enough is good enough when it comes to money and that when it comes to running companies true value comes from contributing positively to society, doing business with integrity and caring for all those who work and partner with us. we are convinced that our philosophy will see our businesses grow, our customers and employees flourish and our profits abundant and sustainable. 


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​​the lemonade group of brands are based in sri lanka and operate in creative fields including interior design, wedding and event planning services, web design and life style brands.  we are constantly open to partnering with suppliers, contractors, manufacturers, services companies, businesses and visionary investors that share our outlook. get in touch and see if partnering with the lemonade group can make you happy.


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